Sales Examples

Need: Approximately two dozens personal computers in an office setting were nearing the end of their useful live and needed to be upgraded or replaced. They were all purchased in the same year and all would need replacing at the same time.

Our Sales Solution: Based on the usage of the computers (90% Microsoft Office and internet applications) small form factor Lenovo business class towers were purchased on a 5 per year schedule. This allowed the organization to spread the cost out over 5 years and then get on a schedule of replacing a few computers each year. The handful of users that needed to be able to perform image and video editing had Apple Mac workstations and the RAM on those computers was upgraded to extend their useful live.


Need: Personal computer that is fast, small, durable, but inexpensive.

Our Sales Solution: A refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad X203 laptop was chosen due to the ThinkPad’s excellent durability and the low price offered by a refurbished machine. The older Intel Core i7 in the laptop performs just as well as current generation i3 or even i5 processors. To increase the speed of the laptop the RAM was upgraded and the traditional hard drive was replaced with a solid state drive. Total cost was less than $400.


Need: A way to hold presentations in a wilderness retreat setting.

Our Sales Solution: Using the organizations existing purchasing contracts a projector was chosen with high lumens in order to make sure the picture could be seen in otherwise bright rooms. In addition accessories were chosen in order to make sure as many different sources could be used.


Need: Your unique requirements.

Our Sales Solution: We’ll talk with you to figure out exactly what you need, and what you don’t need, and balance that with your budget. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.